About The Book


“Behind the Lines: What it  Really Takes  to Make it as an Actor” was written to help YOU, the actor, understand how the entertainment industry thinks and works, and to give you information you can use to be more successful. I’ve interviewed many of Hollywood’s TOP people in their field, including:

  • Brianna Ancel, Vice-President, Clear Talent Group
  • David Ziff, Senior Vice-President, CESD
  • Scott David, Casting Director of Criminal Minds
  • Renita Gale Swaekauski, Film & Commercial Casting Director
  • Bob McGowan, Manager who discovered Julia Roberts
  • Jerry Silverhardt, Manager who discovered Tom Cruise
  • Mark Teschner, Emmy-Winning Casting Director of General Hospital
  • Allison Burnett, Writer/Director of the forthcoming “Undiscoverd Gyrl”
  • TJ Stein, Top Kids Manager, Stein Entertainment Group
  • Anthony Meindl, Owner of LA’s #1 Acting School
  • Patrick Day, Owner of Young Actors Space, the #1 School for Kids
  • Jesse Heiman, Pop-Culture Icon/Star of Go Daddy’s Superbowl Ad

** PLUS **

Many other TOP Hollywood Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, Acting & Audition Coaches, Children’s Reps, Directors, Producers, and Actors!

Whether an aspiring actor or a seasoned one, or the parent of a child actor, this book is a MUST HAVE!

Available in Paperback & for iBooks, Kindle & Nook!

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